About Us

Ahmed Rubber was established in 1988 as a single sales outlet with two employs and capital of PKR 0.8 million. In 1990 Ahmed Rubber started manufacturing local parts and the same year we entered into exporting to Africa, U.A.E, Saudia Arabia and West Indies. From 1990 to 2000, we were the leading Pakistani exporter of auto spare parts. NIPRO the trademark and brand is the symbol of quality and it is owned by Ahmed Rubber.

Due to low cost import from China, Ahmed Rubber started manufacturing in China and all out import business covering a wide variety of automotive products including brake linings and filter papers.

In 2008, we started importing car care products of ABRO from USA. Right now with the help of twenty persons dedicated staff and the computerized inventory control system we are serving the auto parts market throughout Pakistan. At present, Ahmed Rubber is planning and negotiating high-tech local manufacturing of auto parts with a mix of our own setup and renting local vendors idle time.

The future of Ahmed Rubber is bright!